Office Gaming League

Corporate teams play against each other in competitive games for charity. Competitive gaming is a great team experience. You play together with your co-workers maybe against one of your competitors. As an alternative to traditional corporate team sports like soccer or basketball we want to establish eSports for corporations. In highly tactical shooters like CS:GO not only fast reaction count but also coordination and teamwork. You are interested to get involved? Signup to our newsletter / contact us!


We are setting everything up right now. Please subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming announcements! We will start planning our first season soon.


Every team has to pay a fee to enter a season. At the end the collected money goes to a charity organisation - the choice is up to the winning team.


We search for interested teams to kick off season 1. If you want to attend our league please give us a shout via email.


We want media partners for broadcasting the league.
If you are interested please contact us!


The rules should be as simple as possible. Therefore we are working on finalising them for each game soon. But here is a quick overview:

  • Every team must register before the season beings.
  • Every team must commit to play once every 2 weeks on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • A company can register more than one team per game.
  • Every player has to proof that they are currently working for the team they are registered (e.g. via company email).
Keep informed!


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Starcraft 2

League of Legends


We can only start this league if we have enough interested teams and people. Please subscribe to our newsletter!

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